Fresh Food Made Daily Right here in the Ozarks

Quality and consistency using only the freshest ingredients, that’s the Flat Creek way! Each meal is made to order and each day we carefully select the best and freshest vegetables, fruits and meats to not only ensure quality but also consistency for our customers.

Quaility Ingredients & Meals Made Fresh Everyday here at Flat Creek Resort Bar & Grill

Whether its hand-cut onion rings, freshly cut tomatoes and potatoes, our garlic and herb crusted prime rib, catfish or just about anything else on the menu, each Flat Creek meal is made fresh to order, every single day at our Branson area restaurant. Each morning and throughout the day and using only the freshest ingredients, our chefs prepare each meal to order. We cut fresh tomatoes and other veggies, fruits, onions for our onion rings, salads, potatoes for fries, hand-batter catfish, broasted chicken, hot wings and more. Nearly 98% of the Flat Creek Resort Bar & Grill menu is made fresh right here in the Ozarks.


We spend a lot of time preparing our smoker and bbq, from preparation to temperature, from flame to plate. Each day, we hand-cut each steak as well as season with our secret rubs & spices. Prior to laying the meat on the grill or smoker, we use specific cuts of wood, regularly check internal temperatures, rotate and carefully ensure each entree is cooked to order. Finally, thermometers are used to ensure finish.

In addition to the careful care taken with our BBQ & meat smokers, we also hand-make each salad dressing, make our own breading from scratch as well as mashed potatoes. Also, our ever-popular creamy cole slaw is made using our Flat Creek special recipe. But that’s not nearly all. Our hushpuppies, country fried steak and pork tenderloin are hand-breaded daily. We grind the hamburger in-house each morning and make to order, right here at Flat Creek.

Consistent Quality

One of the reasons customers keep coming back again and again is the consistent quality we strive to maintain at Flat Creek Resort Bar & Grill, Flat Creek on the Lake at Cape Fair Marina and Flat Creek Express at Hideaway Marina. We select the ripest veggies and prepare the fish and meats with consistent care each and every day. We also maintain quality by adhering to the best cooking and food prep practices on the grill, in the smoker and in the kitchen. Even our desserts not made in-house are locally made in the Ozarks.  We think the customer reviews are a testament to that; whether it be on Facebook, Google or Tripadvisor. We consistently rank in the Top 5 restaurants of Southwest Missouri, every single year.

Best Branson Area Restaurant Reviews

While we may not be technically in the city limits of Branson, many visitors and groups traveling in Branson take the extra 20 minutes just to experience the fresh tastes customers rave about. Out of 90 reviews on Tripadvisor, our 4.9 rating is near the top of all of Branson and the 417 area code. With Facebook, its even greater as our 4.9 rating out of 5.0 is drawn from 715 Facebook Reviews! When adding in Google and others, it makes sense that we are one of the highest rated and reviewed restaurants in the Branson area.

Customer Reviews & Writeups from the Web:

If you’ve never visited us, there’s a perfect opportunity to do so at the 2017 Flat Creek Area Appreciation on Monday July 24 from 1PM – 9PM! Everyone is invited and its 100% FREE! Come see what the talk is all about and enjoy one of the freshest and most popular dining hotspots in all of the Ozarks!

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