Spoonbill Fishing on Table Rock Lake

If you frequent our resort on the lake, restaurant, bar or our Facebook page, you’re probably familiar with Spoonbill (also known as Paddlefish) snagging on Table Rock Lake. The ancient fish (from the Polyodontidae family) are hard to forget once you’ve seen their unique features and shape. One of the hottest spots for spoonbill fishing is near Flat Creek Resort Bar & Grill and is where the largest percentage of spoonbill fish reside on Table Rock Lake. As the James River Arm of Table Rock Lake flows in Cape Fair, so do the spoonbill.

Every spring, more of spoonbill are snagged near Flat Creek Marina than anywhere else on the lake. The filter feeding fish have a rostrum and cranium that are covered with tens of thousands of sensory organs that detect the tiny plankton, its primary food source. If you’re a spoonbill fisherman 2017 should be great year as preliminary numbers and legal size fish have been regularly brought to the restaurant (greater-than or equal-to 34 inches is the minimum legal limit). And there is still plenty of time to snag your own as they’ll be running until late April/early May.

If you do catch one, be sure and bring it by the marina or restaurant as we love seeing them!

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